Self Care


The Holy Water Bath Salts are inspired by the natural world and contain

ingredients that are hand collected with replenishing salts and essential oils.

Cleanse it Back face cleanser from Ede is plant based, silky smooth

and cleanses the day away with ease. Pair with Needs Must face oil

for the ultimate moisturising experience. 

The fragrant and moisturising Soap Bombs from Meraki come​

in three natural fragrances, Rose, Lemongrass and Lavender and

contain shea butter and olive oil to nourish the skin.


Lighting a candle is a relaxing ritual in itself.  Enjoy the soft glow of candle light in warm amber glass with one of our Cicely and May candles.  Our current favourite is Floral for a fresh Spring scent.

Light a candle, draw a bath and take a moment to 

reflect on your day.  These wellness and skincare products

are inspired by nature, rich in luxurious ingredients and perfect to treat yourself and the ones you love. 


Self-care comes in many different formats and we believe movement is key for your health and wellness.  We love Pilates for its gentle movement, developing strength whilst being kind to the body.  Maia Well Co now offer an on demand Pilates platform that has been designed to help you incorporate Pilates into your lifestyle anytime, anywhere.  With monthly, six month of annual memberships making the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.