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Aromatherapy for this century.


A zesty, vibrant boost that will put a twist on your mornings or anytime you’re feeling a lull in energy.


Set the mood. Yawns… Use morning brew as a mind and body energy booster. The morning brew blend encourages concentration and productivity, so be prepared to feel energised and focused for whatever you have to tackle in your day.





Citrus, fresh, oriental.



Roll over the insides of your wrists, temples or any other pulse points. Re-apply as needed and ditch that second coffee, I dare you.

Because this product is made with natural essential oil scents, the aroma will dissipate on contact with the heat of the skin. For best use, roll onto the insides of the wrists, take time to breathe the aroma in deeply and focus on your task for the day.


Ingredient Focus

Orange, a cheerful and uplifting scent that creates feelings of happiness and a warm environment.

Grapefruit, beneficial in reducing mental fatigue and fighting stress.

Ginger, reduces tiredness and positively impacts emotional well-being, making way for productivity.

Lime, gives a natural energy boost and promotes focus and concentration.

Ede Roll On Therapist - Morning Brew



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