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Aromatherapy for this century.


An ode to the racing mind, we see you. Designed to help ease anxiety and worry.

press pause roll on therapist is ede’s first giveback product.


Take yourself on a trip to the present. Often, we can get caught up thinking about the past or predicting the future. Press pause and be present in the moment.



Leafy, floral, woodsy.



Roll over the insides of your wrists, temples or any other pulse points when you need to rest feelings of unease and worry. Re-apply as needed.

Because this product is made with natural essential oil scents, the aroma will dissipate on contact with the heat of the skin. For best use, roll onto the insides of the wrists and take time to breathe the aroma in deeply.


Ingredient Focus

Juniper berry, helpful in navigating fears and is a natural anxiety remedy. Can have an encouraging and supporting effect and is known to reduce emotional stress.

Patchouli, provides feelings of relaxation to help ease stress and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang, both mood and self-esteem boosting, helpful in reducing anxiety.

Ede Roll On Therapist - Press Pause



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